Taurus had an incredible launch of its new Spectrum handgun at the 2017 SHOT Show.  If you browsed the thousands of firearms on display, you’d quickly learned that the new Spectrum is a handful of shooting action and fun.  Its motto is “Shaping the Future of Everyday Carry” and one look and touch of the micro-pistol says exactly that.  Here’s why:

Ergonomic Slid Racking

The smaller size of the pistol fits a woman or man’s grip easily  and its unique contours provide a secure grip that feels natural.  The extended magazine actually assists with the gripping process and gives your hand a natural point of aim.  It’s designed with “soft edges” so that it will not snag on a holster or clothing and the ambidextrous magazine release allows it to be used easily by righties or lefties.

The Spectrum can be ordered in a variety of colors and detailing.

Recoil Management

 People with smaller hand or less muscular grips may have difficulty working the slide, the reason that some resort to revolvers that are not nearly as compact or efficient.  The new Spectrum uses restyled serrations that allow the fingers to engage indentation on the slide and work it more easily.  Soft-touch material improves traction and creates a more comfortable and positive stroke when chambering a round.

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Posted by Hunting on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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Since the Spectrum is designed for concealed carry, it’s fitted with a 7 to 9-pound trigger with a longer pull fro added safety, common to a striker-fired system.  Unique to Taurus, this true double-action only trigger system features a non-energized striker with no pre-cock or pre-load applied—ensuring no contact between the sear and striker. For additional safety, the Taurus SPECTRUM™ comes equipped with a striker block providing peace of min for everyday carry.

Soft-touch proprietary polymers are used to improve grip retention in wet or dry conditions—providing a stable, firm grip and maximizing comfort.

Take Down-

Disassembly of the Spectrum is amazingly simple thanks to a lock that requires a single turn.  Use a screwdriver or rim from a .380 case to rotate the lock and the slide separates from the frame for easy cleaning.  The pistol comes with two magazines, one six-round and the other seven. Empty, it weights just 10 ounces and less than a pound when loaded.

Hot and Functional 
James Bond carried a Walther PPK, but don’t be surprised if he switches to the Taurus Spectrum for its sleek lines, ease of carry, and sexy looks.  If you like custom rifles and handguns, the Spectrum offers an amazing variety of colors and customization.  Visit the Spectrum website and you can mouse through dozens of color combinations.  Place on the curser on the color you are considering and the image on the screen changes to that configuration immediately.  Just day-dreaming through the options of that special piece is so much fun.  Finally, with all of the above advantages, the MSRP for the Spectrum is under $300 with ultra customized versions just a few dollars more.  Visit www.taurusspectrum.com to build the carry piece of your dreams.