The Raptor Trick offers two inches of cutting steel.

If you are searching for a new broadhead for spring turkey season or fall deer hunting, the new Raptor Trick from Slick Trick Broadheads deserves a look.  I had the chance to test the Raptor Trick on a recent deer/hog hunt in Texas with excellent success.  The big 8-point I shot went 30 yards and the 150-pound hog went 75 yards, demonstrating the effectiveness of the two inch cut.

Several companies make expandable two-blade heads, yet the Raptor Trick stands out for three reasons:

  • Both the shank and the blades are made from steel… not aluminum like most other heads.  Slick Trick broadheads are made from stainless steel to assure you get the toughest cut out there.
  • At 30 yards, the Slick Trick practice head flew just like a target point.

    They fly like target points.  For crossbow hunters, this is the most critical element of broadhead selection.  Sure you can dial in your scope or pins to shoot broadheads, yet you’ll consume targets, bust fletch and nocks, and otherwise cut your practice shots dramatically.  By choosing a broadhead that flies like your target points, practice is much more fun, dramatically cheaper, and you’ll become a better shot.  After shooting the first arrow tipped with the Raptor Trick, my succeeding shot with a target point nearly touched it’s nock.  That’s the kind of hunting accuracy you must demand.

  • Retention Ring- If you shoot a fast bow or crossbow, you must protect against a mechanical broadhead opening in flight which will almost always contaminate accuracy. The tiny retention ring is one of the best ways to insure against premature opening and the Raptor Trick is engineered for three levels of launch energy.  Select the slot to match your arrow speed and the retention ring will instantly cut upon impact.  I’ve used mechanical broadheads for more than a decade from vertical and horizontal bows with excellent success and consider retention rings a plus.

This is the time of year to experiment with new gear and if you are thinking about a new broadhead, you want to give the Slick Trick line of steel broadheads serious consideration.

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