“Follow the elk” is one of the most proven and successful approaches to score on a trophy bull. Since elk herds can be nomadic and migratory, once you find the herds, you’ll be into elk at first light if you pitch a tent and camp nearby. One party spent the night listening to elk bugle, arose before dawn and intercepted a huge herd bull as it crested a nearby ridge. Ironically, the men had cow called extensively the previous day with no success.  By camping near the herd, they were into action before the sun arose and able to post in the natural progression of animal movements.

To find elk, first get away from the crowds.

Of course, follow the elk could just as easily become follow the fish, or the mule deer, or the trail to the top. Hunting, fishing, hiking, and exploring with your home on your back is grand adventure and allows athletic souls to experience the same kinds of experiences on public land that others spend major dollars to enjoy on private property. Whether you are tackling the Rocky Mountain West, the Appalachian Trail, or biking the C&O Canal Historic Park, this small, lightweight tent provides shelter and protection from the elements in a light, compact package.

All Season Protection

Compact and Lightweight, the Instinct Precision allows you to camp in game country.

The backcountry comes standard with unpredictable weather, especially mountain terrain where a bluebird day can become stormy in a matter of minutes. Wind, rain, and snow (including all-the-above) are likely encounters and the Instinctive Precision is geared for the task. It’s undergone extensive tests in wind tunnels that stress the design and structure of the tent. A frame tensioning system and interior toggles reinforce stability against wind and heavy snow. The Fly is constructed of 20-denier nylon taffeta ripstop with a 1,200mm polyurethane and silicone water and fire-resistant coating to protect from elements and campsite mishaps.

Experience backpackers know about selecting a campsite with proper drainage, yet that’s not always possible. A sudden storm or brilliant sunshine can quickly melt snow and saturate the tent interior. The Instinct Precision features a Durable floor made from 30-denier nylon taffeta and water-beading, fire-resistant 1,500mm polyurethane. Mosquito and other insect hatches can be a nightmare, yet the 10-denier polyester No-See-Um mesh keeps bugs out.

The eyelet-style frame features aluminum DAC Featherlite NSL™ poles that assemble easily and are lightweight. Included are mesh pockets and a gear loft to stow essential items close at hand and provide a convenient cell phone holder for reviewing images and videos of the day’s adventure.

Designed to Go

A light, ultra-portable tent can open new worlds of hunting adventure.

Since this is a two-person tent, it’s designed as a shared experience when hunting or backpacking.  Instead of doubling on single-person tents, you have just one set-up and the greater weight is offset by your partner carrying other gear.

At 73 inches long, it fits all but the tallest NBA star and the forty inches of height allows for ample motion inside. Weighing just 4.8 pounds packing weight, it’s compact and light enough to go just about anywhere. Even loaded down with meat, cape, and antlers a successful hunter can lash on the Instinctive precision and not have to make another trip. Or, move the venison in shorter trips and re-camp before the final pack-out.