Elk season is less than a month away in some states. Hunters should be polishing their gear and honing their calling skills to maximize success.

Although bugling and cow calling is often associated with archery seasons, elk can be called during rifle seasons as well. Last October, Mike Shifler called a Colorado bull more than 400 yards to his son, Alex.

“I started cow calling and it came on a frozen rope,” the proud father said.

Gear matters in elk hunting, perhaps more than with any other animal. To that end, let’s take a look at some exciting new calls.

I’m already preparing for elk hunts this fall and like every year, I look for any advantage I can find to help me anchor a bull when I head to the woods. Checking out the new Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls (RMHC) at buglingbull.com, I found new items that sparked an interest. Wanting to learn more, I did some homework and eventually got to talk to the man behind more than 36 years of elk calling history and call innovation.

If you’ve grown up hunting, you know that hunting can define your life. As hunters, our passion often describes our lifestyle, not just our pastime.  As hunters, we’ve been fortunate to see, and use, so many engineering and technological advancements of our hunting gear in the last 50 years.  It’s impossible for many oldtimers to comprehend the gains… [continued]

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