Normally we don’t post outfitting advertisements, yet this one is so unusual and appealing that it’s here for your interest. Wolves may be the smartest and most elusive game on the planet, even trumping the sly coyote for their ability to survive and thrive in difficult conditions. They are horrific killers, and when you take one down you grant a life’s pardon to hundreds of other animals. This hunt is offered through Jack Atcheson & Sons, a booking agency known for its quality offerings. Here are the details to this most unusual hunt.


We get quite a bit of hunters inquiring about wolf hunts but in reality there are not many successful outfitters out there offering this type of hunt. The few outfitters that do offer this type of hunt charge in excess of $8 to $10K.

However, we have an outfitter that we have been working with on Bighorn sheep and trophy deer hunts and this hard core hard working young man has some very good wolf hunts he wants to run between now and the end of March 2016. His partner has had 80% success on hunts for themselves and friends. If you have the time and interest to go to northern Alberta, brave the cold and experience the “Call of the Wild” this might be it… [continued]

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