Scent elimination products are embraced by hunters, but less well known to hikers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.  Portable “wilderness showers” are popular and many outdoor folks may not know that there are alternatives and preventative methods.  Since water is one of the heaviest of substances a hiker can pack and critically needed for hydration in remote areas, loading up with H2O for the backcountry shower becomes impractical.  Additionally, adults and children (self included) may be allergic to mold and mildew which can develop while gear is being stored.  The whole idea of reduced hygiene is very worrisome to many would be hikers and campers and can sabotage an outdoor adventure before it starts.  Clean Trek products are not only scientifically designed to eliminate many outdoor problems, but the products are attractive to the consumer and ergonomically designed for ease of use.  A number of hunting products on the market address similar problems, yet non-hunters shy away from them.   Some may have confused buck lure and scent elimination and become gun shy of any scent killing products that show a picture of a whitetail deer or have camouflage on the packaging. Clean Trek has introduced a full line of scent elimination products designed specifically for the non-CleanTrekCT_Wipes_HandsOn-2hunting public and their products are ideal for active bodies during or after long hikes, sleeping bags interiors after the season, Tent or RV must and mildew odors, hiking boots and clothing, etc. Clean Trek offers a complete line of eco-friendly, field-proven products that target the sources of odors on the body and critical gear like sleeping bags and coolers. Their scent killing formula doesn’t cover odor with heavy perfumes, but instead, attacks the molecules that cause the odor. They come in a variety of wipes and sprays at very reasonable prices. Check them out at … [continued]