If your feet are cold, you feel cold no matter how many layers you wear to insulate your body. Handwarmers and down jackets can help fight the wind and chill, yet regardless of your 60050006 - Copyupper efforts, cold feet are nearly impossible to ignore. Your feet will stay warmer longer if they are dry. Walking long distances in heavy boots often makes your feet sweat and once that moisture has developed, there’s no way to get rid of it. Some hunters spray their feet with antiperspirant to help reduce foot sweat. Also, consider wearing loafers or moccasins as you drive in your vehicle, have breakfast in camp, and other down times so that your feet don’t perspire. Let your boots be cold inside which helps to reduce overheating on the way to a stand and carry a pair of warm insulating socks with you. I usually wear one pair of cotton socks for comfort and may put the insulating pair over them if moisture hasn’t accumulated. If it has, I remove the damp socks and put on the warm, dry ones which feels amazing. Most stand hunters carry some sort of “bum warmer” often a bag of foam or other highly insulating material to reflect body temperature back to their seat. The same works for your feet. Cut a 12X12 inch patch of carpet padding and stick it in the back of your coat or pack. Especially if you hunt with your feet in snow, this small amount of insulation goes a long way.

95343These tips aren’t rocket science and some of you are no doubt saying, “I’ve done all of those things and my feet still get cold.” ArcticShield has the answer as this incredible video will show. Imagine putting your feet in dry ice at -109 Fahrenheit. How long before your feet literally freeze under those conditions? ArcticShield Boot Insulators with Retain™ Technology in Realtree Xtra® Camouflage have a Polyester outer shell and liner, are Windproof, Water resistant, lightweight, packable, and roll up to fit in your pocket or backpack.

These amazing lightweight boot covers lock body heat in so you don’t feel cold. ArcticShield Retain™ varies the heat level to give you warmth where you need it most, while still allowing you room to move – because it provides less bulk. A warm hunter is quieter, mentally focused, on the hunt longer, and more likely to be successful. Independent laboratory tests have confirmed that ArcticShield Retain™ captures greater than 90% of body heat, and maintains the 90% heat for a longer period of time than other products on the market. ArcticShield Retain™ is strategically located throughout the garment keeping you warm and comfortable no matter what level of activity or temperature range you will be hunting in. Now, watch this incredible demonstration: