Crossbows continue to grow in popularity across the spectrum of hunters and shooters. Once the province of those unable to draw a vertical or compound bow, many of today’s crossbow hunters are athletic, young, and just excited about the sport. Simplicity is one of the driving elements behind crossbow shooting and no manufacturer makes an easier-to-use model than Excalibur. Stephen Carpenter gives a thorough review of the Micro 355, one of Excalibur’s most compact model. Despite its under-six-pound weight, the Micro shoots as it’s name implies- 355 feet per second.

Shoot Short and Fast

One of Mr. Carpenter’s findings is worth expanding upon. The 355 has a 10-inch power stroke which launches some of the shortest arrows in the industry- just 18 inches. Additionally, Excalibur recommends shooting target points and broadheads weighing 150-grains, considerably heavier than the 100-grain heads suggested by most crossbow companies. If you click the link in the middle of this review, you’ll get a synopses of my African Safari on which I used an Excalibur Micro to take five animals, all of which had to be shot through-the-shoulder, one of the unique challenges of hunting in Africa. The chest cavities of some animals were two-feet thick including heavy shoulder muscles and the 18-inch arrows and 150 grain cut-on-contact broadheads got complete penetration.

Longer Still Works-

Mr. Carpenter experimented with using standard 20-inch arrows and saw little reduction in arrow speed. I experimented with this concept briefly, yet didn’t take it to the level that Carpenter did. On my African safari I worried that the lighter arrows would not penetrate as well, yet learned that arrow mass seemed to make little difference. After reading this review, I’ll spend more time using my standard 20-inch shafts. This versatility is just one more reason why this is such a great crossbow. Carpenter does a fine job of reviewing the Micro 355 and if you are interested in this incredible hunting bow, you’ll want to read every word:

There’s a lot to like about the Excalibur Micro 355. The stock is plenty long enough, and there’s enough Picatinny rail to allow mounting the scope well forward to accommodate shooters with long arms and necks. Also, the Tact-Zone 30mm scope is specifically designed for crossbow use featuring clear reticles marked in 10-yard increments from 20 to 60 yards.