If you deer hunt on public land you quickly learn that easy access equates to lots of hunting pressure.  Generally, the farther you walk from an access point the better hunting becomes.  This video shows this graphically as hunters travel more than six miles into the deepest, most remote country the unit allows.

The Traverse X pack is perfect for carrying heavy jackets and meat bags with “wings” that open like French doors.

Success can be more likely in remote areas, yet you must anticipate how to get the deer back to your vehicle.  In states where the animal must be retrieved whole, this often means some type of game cart or ice sled.  A friend has had great luck with a small child’s kayak that provides just enough plastic to contain an animal and glide with minimal friction over rough terrain.

In states allowing deer to be butchered in the field, backpacks like the Alps models shown make a difficult process much easier.  Even a large deer will produce less than 50 percent of its live weight when boned-out.  Carry meat bags and good cutting tools and remote hunting becomes feasible.  Check out how its done: https://www.facebook.com/thehuntingpage/videos/2092459087684986/