Deer Rut Double Take: Check out this unique Ballard County harvest!  Bob Long saw big antlers when he took aim at his buck at a distance, but what he found upon recovery was astounding…  It’s unclear exactly what circumstances led up to this buck’s carrying around another set of antlers and part of a decomposing carcass. Regardless, it was truly a rare harvest!!!

Fight to the Death

Bob Long took two bucks with one shot.

Bob Long’s unique deer kill was the talk of Facebook after its post on November 15th.  I’m not a forensic scientist, but even Abby Sciuto (From NCIS) could figure this one out.  The two big bucks became locked to the death and one buck survived the encounter.  Apparently, it pawed the deceased buck until it’s head became dislodged or coyotes ate the dead buck while attached to the live one.

Finding mature bucks with locked antlers isn’t rare, yet usually both animals die unless a hunter or other human intervenes.  After fighting to exhaustion, neither animal can eat or drink and they soon succumb.

Savage Battle

Seeing two bucks sparring is common and a very interesting sight observed by hunters from tree stands and ground blinds.  Bucks, like teenage boys, often spar with one another by pushing and shoving.  Usually, the lesser of the two backs away and dominance is established.

Among dominant breeders, combatants play for keeps where one buck does it’s best to kill it’s rival.  The power of these 200 pound animals is incredible, the reason that their antlers sometimes lock and become inseparable.  Bucks prep for battle by rubbing trees with their antlers.  To gauge how difficult it is to rub bark from a tree, use a rattle antler or rock and try if for yourself.  This practice by whitetail deer helps build tremendous neck muscles and stamina, not unlike football players who push against weighted object to build muscle.

This very mature 8-point was blinded and beaten in a deer fight.

Beaten and Blinded

Keith Randall of South Dakota killed a very heavy 8-point buck that had been badly beaten in a deer fight.  Although still on its feet, the buck wandered aimlessly with one eye completely gouged out.  As it walked, its head was lowered and its spirit seemingly broken.