Sharpness is critical to broadhead performance and Easton helps keep your blades sharp as razors with this new Stay Sharp broadhead case.  Storing broadheads traditionally mean pushing them into a foam material and with each in-and-out, that foam causes friction on the edge, slightly dulling it.  After a few hunts, a broadhead that could cut like a razor blade no longer can.

Fixed blades can quickly dull when placed in foam.

Bob Foulkrod ran a bowhunting school from his mountain top ranch in Northern Pennsylvania and I was a frequent attendee.  Foulkrod is a stickler for sharpness and demonstrated how easily a head can be dulled.  He stretched a rubber band tautly, touched it with a new Titan broadhead and instantly severed the elastic band.  Then he inserted and removed the same head into a foam bowhunting quiver several times and repeated the experiment.  The edge could no longer cut the rubber band.


How It Works

The Stay Sharp broadhead case has rubber “fingers” that grip the ferrule of the broadhead instead of the blades.  Blades from fixed and mechanical heads are suspended in mid air with no friction to dull them.  This innovative case holds both standard 8/32nd- inch broadheads and the smaller diameter Deep Six heads without adjusting.  The outer case is made from a durable ABS material and includes a snap-lock Polycarbonate locking end cap.  Since the case hold three heads on top and three on the bottom, it’s compact, carries easily, and easily fits into a backpack or bowcase.

New Arrows Too

If you tell your bowhunting buddies that you are going “6mm” this fall, they may think you have flipped to the centerfire side, yet Easton uses these easy-to-remember diameters to describe their arrows in sizes 4, 5, and 6mm.  For a limited time, Easton offers the classic look of the Autumn Orange XX75 aluminum shaft in their FMJ line. Likewise, if Under Armour is your passion, you can purchase 4mm Deep Six shafts in a UA camouflage pattern.

Easton’s FMJ shafts can take down the largest game, such as this 1600-pound Livingston eland that succumbed to a single arrow.

Like the choice between Ford and Chevy, many archers are undecided about carbon and aluminum arrows.  Carbon is the ultimate in flexibility and returns faithfully to its original form while aluminum can be engineered to incredible tolerances.  For Easton, the choice is simple– use both.  Their Full Metal Jacket arrow wraps an aluminum shell around a carbon core so that a FMJ shaft has more mass than carbon and removes more easily from targets thanks to the craftsmanship of aluminum.  Both 4 and 5mm shafts come in this unique arrow configuration that will increase penetration, have less wind resistance, and therefore deliver greater kinetic energy down range.

The new Stay Sharp broadhead box is a must-have for all bowhunters and you will be surprised and intrigued at the array of arrow shafts offered by Easton.  One visit to their website will widen your eyes and expand your horizons.