There are a mountain of trail cameras out there, yet Stealth Cam has planted their flag squarely on the top with an unprecedented package of features.  This new 4-K Stealth Cam model takes TV quality stills and video which opens its use to far more than just “scouting.”  The images you receive will be sharper than ever before and more impressive to your friends, should you care to share them.  Additionally, the 4-K video ranks your video at the summit of availability.  Many TV shows are filmed and shown in lesser quality.  If you are experimenting with videoing your hunt, you may want to consider using the camera to capture action in front of your stand and easily can do a quick recap of the hunt in front of the mounted lens.
30 MP Ultra Hi Res Performance– I consider myself a professional photographer and the new Stealth Cam offers higher Megapixel resolution than my Nikon’s that cost many times more.  If you like to enter photo contests, here’s a way to capture those impossible-to-get moments of wildlife in all natural settings.
Reflex™ Trigger  < .4 seconds- No more deer butt images from slow trigger speeds leaving you wondering what size antlers were on the other end.  At less than half a second, when that buck, elk, or gobbler enters the camera range, you’ll get the entire animal, even if its moving steadily.
 •Time / Date / Moon Phase / Temperature / Name Stamp- An important part of predicting deer behavior is using precise data to analyse patterns.  Some hunters swear by moon phase patterns and you’ll have the data to see if your deer respond the same way.  Once you set the time and date, you can learn how temperature affects deer movements and the “name stamp” function helps keep your data organized and identified.
•Burst Mode 1-9 images per triggering- Flexibility is a key element of the new Stealth Cam.  Setting minimal image triggering helps extend battery life and memory card capacity.  If opening day is close by, you can load up on images by increasing the burst so that nothing is missed.  Additionally, you can set recovery time from five seconds to 59 minutes to meet specific needs.
•Operates on 8 AA batteries- Despite it’s many features, the camera works on just eight AAA batteries and has an external power jack for 12V battery box for extended use.  Sharing information from the camera is a breeze from the SD card slot that that supports up to 32GB to the video and USB outputs.  Additionally, the camera offers GEO-TAG GPS tagging so that you can identify the exact location of each image or video.
Finally, the new Stealth Cam Ultra HD features 42 NO GLO IR Emitters for maximum range and minimal spooking of game.  A mature whitetail need only be spooked once by human scent, a squeaky tree stand, or a camera flash to change it’s pattern of behavior.  With the multiple features of this crafty camera, you can capture images like you were invisibly there, 24/7.  You can bet that each card pulled and downloaded will be loaded with information and true-to-life images of exciting hunts to come.