Women are the fastest growing demographic in the hunting game.  It’s cool to hunt!  If you are a guy and want your special lady to join you in the woods, you have to keep one basic truth in mind: most women (maybe all women) want to look good.  They will handle deer urine, get blood on their hands, and climb trees just like the guys, but don’t ask them to enjoy this outdoor passion dressed in hand-me-downs from Uncle John.  It just ain’t gonna happen.

Women’s Specialty Clothes

If you are older than 5 years old, you are aware that women are shaped differently than men, a prime reason that women deserve their own brands of clothing.  Thankfully a few manufacturers have realized this painfully obvious reality and now market apparel that helps a woman deal with outdoor elements, become less visible to game, and have fun in the process.

If you are a guy who wants to get your daughter, wife, girlfriend or favorite aunt into hunting, the first step is to buy her a uniform.  Hunters call it “camouflage” and it doesn’t matter which pattern. Camouflage clothes say “I play on the varsity team.”  Even if that gal has never hunted before, get her suited up in clothes that look good and fit well, and interest will perk.

Begin at the Base

Marino wool makes an ideal base layer that’s effective in hot and cold temperatures.

My favorite lady, Mrs. Byers, is joining me on an African safari in South Africa’s late winter.  These are times when morning and evenings are cold, yet afternoons can be warm to hot. The ideal way to accommodate various changes in temperature is to use a layering system, and Prois offers a system that is bound to please.

Without getting into too much trouble, let me say that my special lady is very particular.  She likes what she likes, and it took about three seconds to get her approval when the Prois box came open.  I had ordered the Olann Marino Wool half-zip top and a bottom made from the same material. Just the feel of the fabric brought a smile.

Merino wool is naturally antimicrobial, odor-resistant, moisture-wicking, offers UV protection, is naturally static resistant, and the fibers are much finer than traditional wool. The Olann Half-Zip Shirt is constructed of 96% Merino Wool and 4% Lycra.  It features an athletic fit, half-zipper for added ventilation, articulated elbows, thumb-holes, and form flattering cut. This shirt is constructed long through the torso for tucking in and has a modern fit without hindering full range of motion. This also allows this shirt to conform to a wide variety of body types.  If you are a clueless shopper like I am, go to the Prois website and you’ll see all of their gear in lifestyle poses: www.proishunting.com 

Love the Lining

DSG offers clothing in bright colors and in camouflage lined in teal, a very smart and effective look.

DSG Outerwear makes a full line of outdoor clothing for women.  My wife and I were at an outdoor show where we saw dozens of garments in various camouflage patterns, yet the instant she saw the Ella Fleece Hunting Jacket and Pants, she fell in love. The outfit is form-fitted for women with a soft fleece exterior in Realtree’s exciting new EDGE pattern.  Additionally, the jacket and pants are lined and attractively accented in a teal-colored fleece.

The DSG line consists of many Realtree Edge Camo options along with Blaze Pink and Orange.  Realtree Edge is the first camo pattern that allows you to blend into your environment at close range and from a distance. Because it has warm grays and browns, it works well all year-round.  Blaze pink is now legal in eight states and counting, and of course, the traditional blaze orange is very popular specifically in the Midwest. Check them out at www.DSGoutderwear.com.