This Primos video features the master Will Primos, one of the most respected names in hunting.  Whether you are are a bowhunter or firearm person, you’ll get great advice on a very difficult topic- making the shot on whitetail deer.  I’ve been hunting whitetails for 55 years and, by now, you’d think that I had this simple topic down pat.  Oh the agony!  Last fall, I rattled in the biggest buck I’d seen over all of those years and messed up the shot because I got too excited and used the wrong range marker in my crossbow scope.

Advice Both Ways

Bob Foulkrod is another seasoned hunter who offered a bowhunting school in Pennsylvania for many years.  He had sage advice on making the shot and it will work with rifle and bowhunters.  When tension gets high as a buck steps into range, Foulkrod would mentally ask, “Is the pin on the target?”  This phrase has the ability to refocus attention from the excitement of the animal to the structure of the shot.

Rifle Advice

I have a cousin who had a terrible time hitting a deer, even from a tree stand with a rifle. He got so excited, he couldn’t concentrate.  My father, taught him the same trick.  “Ask yourself if the sight is on the target.”  Using dad’s wisdom, my cousin burst into the clubhouse with the news of his downed buck.  “I never would have hit him without using your advice,” the young man said.

Primos Video

Deer season may be weeks away, yet this is the kind of advice that helps you to prepare for success.