Trail cameras capture nature as it unfolds and I can’t put into words how angry this image makes me feel about coyotes.  It reinforces a statement about how cruelly wild dogs kill their prey.  I’m guessing a rabbit or mouse expires quickly to the huge teeth of a coyote or wolf, yet that’s not the case with the deer family.

Hunting in Packs

Coyotes and wolves lack the crushing jaw power of a grizzly or mountain lion so they bite their prey to death and basically eat it alive.  This image also helps to dispel the myth of wolves and coyotes only eating the sick and weak from animal herds.  Mostly they kill fawns and calves, because they are the easiest prey and eventually have the largest impact on populations.

Kill Them All

If you have the opportunity to kill a coyote this hunting season, keep this image in mind.  Think of the amount of agony these creatures cause and how many animal live you will save by a well place shot.

The beautiful thing about trail cameras is they catch everything you want/need to see in the woods all season long.

Trail cams can help hunters get a grasp on how many deer are in the area, and how often they frequent specific areas. When used properly, there’s no doubt trail cams can help your hunting.

With that being said, trail cams also capture more gruesome scenes sometimes. It’s nothing any hunter ever wants to see, but it is eye opening, and gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how tough Mother Nature is.

Take a look at this amazing series of photos taken on a StealthCam, which shows a mature Canadian whitetail being hunted by a pack of hungry coyotes: