I am a hunter for many reasons. I love being outside, the thrill of the hunt, and seeing a big buck. These are all things I love about hunting, but I also love being able to put food on the table for my family. Through my deer hunting, and other outdoor adventurers, I am able to provide a large portion of our protein and fish from the animals I hunt and fish for.

When I first started hunting deer, any deer I tagged was taken to the meat processor to be butchered. That takes a lot money that I don’t always want to spend. And you don’t know exactly what you’re getting back. To save on the wallet, and to be certain I’m getting my deer back, one that was properly cared for from the time he was shot, I started processing my own deer.

There are many benefits to this, and you’ll have a sense of accomplishment knowing you did everything from putting the deer on the ground to the table. Watch this video to learn the essentials.

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