“You’re going to cook a complete dinner for a dozen hungry hunters in one pan?” was my slightly skeptical response to Seth McGinn’s culinary efforts. McGinn and I filled deer tags early on the first day and had the daunting task of feeding a dozen hungry hunters who would be starving from an afternoon in the cold, wind, and snow. McGinn is the man behind the Can Cooker, a steaming method of cooking that is perfect for a hunting camp or any gathering of four or more people, because you use only one pan — the CanCooker.

SD Muz Deer 2013 170Since this was my dinner as well, I jumped right in and began cutting five pounds of potatoes and assembling the other ingredients that included banana pickles, frozen baby carrots, a two-pound chunk of pork loin, an equal size cut of beef, two pounds of meatballs, and several Italian sausages. “Because the CanCooker cooks with steam, the top is actually hotter than the bottom, so we put the vegetables in first, McGinn explained. “We’ll fill the CanCooker with the ingredients, add a can of Mountain Dew (or any 12-ounce liquid), seasoning, put the top on, and cook for about an hour.”

I’ve been in elk camps where the cook puts about everything but aspen bark in a pot and makes a huge stew, yet McGinn assured me SD Muz Deer 2013 180this would be different and that each item would hold its own taste. (And McGinn knows about taste: His line of seasoning includes ingredients that are great to add once the meal has cooked.) Finally, all the gang arrived back in camp and, as expected, were famished. McGinn opened the cooker and poured the ingredients into a huge serving platter, and the appearance was exactly as he predicted. Every vegetable held its full color and individuality, and the meat was completely cooked. He sliced the larger chunks of meat and we all dived in. In a word… terrific. In the next hour, 12 adults ate to their limits, and we still had leftovers for the next day. Better yet, by putting two inches of water in the CanCooker and bringing it to a boil, the pot was steamed clean and wiped out with a paper towel. A meal for 12 in one pot with no cleanup. Who knew?

For information on this incredible cooking utensil, which also come in a smaller size, go to cancooker.com  Click “Like” on their website and you may win a CanCooker for yourself.