Coyote. You may hear that word and think of the classic cartoons featuring a roadrunner dropping an anvil on the coyote’s head. Or, if you’re a hunter, you likely think of coyotes as a nuisance that prey upon and kill wildlife and, unfortunately, family pets. If coyotes are getting a little too close to your home, professional trapper Brad Hilfrink says you can use a common household item to repel coyotes. OutdoorHub reports:

“They don’t like the smell of humans, it scares them,” Hilfrink said. “You can take deodorant sticks and you can rub them around the trees, around your house and trash can.”

Like most canines, coyotes have an excellent sense of smell and have grown to associate certain smells with humans. Unlike other man-made scents, common deodorants and antiperspirants can trick the coyote into believing a person is very close. Hilfrink adds that common sense measures like removing trash and pet food from around the house can go a long way.

“Pet food, a lot of people feed their animals outside. That is bringing animals into your backyard which brings coyotes into your back yard,” Hilfrink said.

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Image by: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife