Boating isn’t necessarily an inexpensive venture when you factor in the cost of insurance, marina fees, storage fees, gas, and other items you need to make the most of your time on the water. Boats are valuable because of the freedom they provide to explore and the opportunities to make memories with loved ones. But as Mike Schoonveld points out in Outdoor News, boats are also valuable to thieves. He offers a few simple solutions for theft-proofing your boat.

Boats are valuable. Thieves look for valuable things to steal. They also look for easy things to steal. Don’t make your boat an easy target… Whether you put your boat behind the garage or move it to a supposedly secure storage area, make a concerted effort to make it extra secure. There are trailer locks and wheel locks available commercially. A simple chain and padlock attaching the boat to a tree or other immovable object is better than nothing. How about removing the trailer tires and storing them somewhere else? All of these are good, relatively inexpensive ideas.

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Photos: Bark – Creative Commons