What if your favorite hunting clothing could do more than keep you concealed, warm and dry?  L-AV8 LLC has just launched several lines of clothing with “infused technology” which can change your hunting ability and possibly your life.  That’s a powerful statement so let me back up and give examples.

Infused Energy

Gear with infused energy technology offers the potential for these important hunting benefits:

  • increased strength
  • improved hydration
  • greater flexibility
  • more energy
  • increased endurance

L-AV8 is an exciting new technology that affects how the nervous system works and has shown a phenomenal change in hunting and daily life.  Ken Byers is an avid hunter from Central Michigan who heats his home with a wood boiler that requires 26 truck loads of firewood each winter.  “I cut a lot of firewood each year and my hands and arms got so stressed from running a chain saw that I could barely close my hands,” Byers said.  “However, after wearing a Pnuma infused base layer and shorts, the pain has completely disappeared.

First Hand Experience

I had the chance to try the new infused L-AV8 in a set of pnuma base layers.  Daylight occurred at 6:45 and at 8:00 I was scoping a dandy 8-point buck.  I can’t credit the new technology with that success, yet boning out the big whitetail and packing it back to camp took a toll on my 71-year-old frame.  Adrenolyn helped me through the heavy work, yet I dreaded the next day when I knew my back would ache from the constant kneeling and bending.  Only it didn’t!  I wore the L-AV8 base layer to bed and awoke the next morning without an ache or pain.

Continuous Benefit

Unlike most fabric enhancements, infusing a garment lasts its lifetime.  It won’t wash out and you can machine wash and dry it repeatedly.  This Patent-pending technology is held by KitCare Labs allowing L-AV8 IE to possess the ability to capture the proper electromagnetic pulse and infuse it into clothing and materials.

Skeptics may want to know exactly how this works.  You can find out the details at kitcorelabs.com but I’d respond by asking how a television works, or a smartphone?  Like these electromagnetic devices, a hunter can reap the benefit of a product without needing an engineering degree.

Pnuma Outdoor’s Rogue gear is the first to infuse garments for commercial sale and you can bet that others will soon join the hunt.  Visit https://www.pnumaoutdoors.com/shop-now/hunting-base-layers/the-rogue-long-sleeve-performance-hunting-tee-lav8 to see and purchase this exciting new product.  The Rogue Series gear is ideal for men and women and will make a fantastic holiday gift.