Rut Tracker


                                                   Rut Meter-99%


A little over a week ago we announced that the rut meter was reading a solid 99%, well, we are happy to report, its still reading 99%. The rut is in full swing and big bucks are hitting the ground across most whitetail country.

Right now the bucks are totally focused on reproducing the species, they are all about finding an estrus doe and once they find her, the will generally stay with her until she no longer will stand for him, once it’s “mission accomplished” he is off searching for the next receptive doe and the whole cycle repeats itself. The rut is “on” with all the accompanying drama! The need to breed dominates everything happening in the woods.

We have often said, “the rut makes good hunters of us all”. What that means is big bucks are doing all kinds of foolish things every day of the rut, savvy hunters are hitting the woods and staying there. It could happen at daybreak or it could happen at your 10: a.m. coffee break, one thing for certain is it won’t happen in your living room. Get in the woods and stay there until we signal you otherwise!

The rut can be smoking hot and the rut can be cold as ice, it all depends on what’s happening with the does who hang out on your back 40. It can transition from famine to feast in a matter of seconds, the trick is to be there when a doe in estrus comes your way (she is bound to draw a crowd).

Hunters are reporting multiple buck sightings on a hourly basis. Good deer are being hung up and the season is at its peak. Our group of rut watchers were covered up with bucks all weekend long, too many “passes” to count and a few ‘shooters on the ground.

Stay tuned to see how long the rut meter stays pegged at 99, and watch her head  back to normal.