I have heard of and even seen photos of whitetail deer that have been hit by a combine.

It’s not uncommon for deer to bed in standing corn, and for some reason they do not realize a combine is approaching.
They end result is an awful tragedy. But I’ve never heard of this happening to a black bear until now.

A hibernating bear in Upper Michigan (one that has the potential to be a state record) recently fell victim to a John Deere. I hate to hear of these things happening, but there is nothing that can be done to prevent it.

It’s a shame the life of this bruin had to end this way, but thankfully the meat was saved for consumption, and the bear will be mounted so that its memory can last on. Oyia Brown has the story.

A huge hibernating male black bear was killed Nov. 2nd in southern Chippewa County when it was hit by a combine.

Neil Schlough of Brimley was harvesting corn in a field on the Pinehurst Farm at about 7 o’clock that evening a few miles north of the Mackinac county line, just off of South Maple Road , or about 5 miles north of Kinross… [continued]

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