Whether you are about to begin coyote hunting or have worn out your favorite spots, Mark Kayser, experienced hunter and caller, touts his favorite locations. In a follow up post from the same website, Kayser reveals the calls that work best including a new “estrous” coyote call that’s dynamite on male coyotes. Here’s the first place to begin hunting:

Coyotes may not be able to take down a full-grown cow, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to dream about it. For some reason coyotes like to hang near livestock and with cows starting to calve the reasons become even more obvious. Cows occasionally die leaving coyotes with plenty of protein, but as newborn calves hit the ground the afterbirth provides coyotes with a delicious meal. Coyotes also are on the lookout for stillborn calves and even eat the nutrient-rich droppings teaming with milk residue from newborns. In addition to cattle, coyotes like to lurk near sheep, goats, chickens and any other barnyard critter that may tip over unexpectedly or fall into a coyote trap.

Coyote hunting is one of the least restricted predators and in many states you can hunt them day or night; any day of the week. Whether you hunt over bait, use one of today’s easy-to-use electronic callers, or whale away on a mouth call, it’s lots of fun and you save the lives of countless rabbits, deer, and other small animals that already have enough enemies in the woods.

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Joe Byers
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