Staying a step ahead of the game will give you a distinct advantage when hunting. You take great care to scout deer, identify their bedding sites and travel routes, place your stands where you’ll have “good wind,” and research the latest hunting gear and scents that will help you stay ahead and invisible to your quarry. Thinking ahead in terms of land management is also advantageous. Chris Jennins of Outdoor News says hunting season is a great time to consider what trees you should plant on your property; if you plan to plant acorns, there’s no time like the present to get started.

water_oak_acorns_1__largePhoto by QDMA

It’s not too early to think about tree planting, and hunting season is a great time to do your planning, especially after leaf drop. Take note of areas that lack good cover and estimate how many trees or shrubs it will take to fill the area in. If you have an area that lacks some kind of draw, consider hard and soft mast options that might be a good fit. How about an oak that drops acorns at a different time of year, or hickory nuts or chestnuts? How about a soft mast option like hawthorn, cherry, viburnum, wild plum or wild pear? Take good notes on the area and what you’d like to accomplish and consult your area nursery.

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Photos: Alabama Deparment of Conservation and Natural Resources (top); Outdoor News (above)