People who hunt deer care far more about them than the average citizen who never buys a hunting license. Because we care, we need to be the most informed segment of society, so that political decisions benefit whitetail deer.

Deer mortality from disease and predators is much greater than it used to be. This Bowhunting article from Dr. Grant Woods illustrates what informed sportsmen need to know.

Several states reported a decreased deer harvest during the 2015-16 season. When we think of statewide deer-harvest totals, most of us think about mature bucks and does.  But those folks who hunt in areas where the number of deer have been decreasing during the past few years should be concerned about fawns.

Although hunters rarely concern themselves with fawns, the number of fawns recruited into the deer herd each year is directly related to overall population trends and the number of trophy bucks that will be around several years down the road… [continued]

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