For deer and elk hunters, human scent reduction is a high priority.  A swirling breeze or a shift in wind direction can alert game to your location long before you see them.  Eliminating human scent completely may be impossible, yet most hunters believe that reducing it dramatically greatly increases their chances of success.  This past season I’ve been experimenting with ScentCrusher products and have been thoroughly impressed.

Tough Stuff to unscent

The roller bag is ideal for travel.

I’m still a fan of sprays and scent reducing detergents that clean clothing before the hunt.  Also, the scent elimination quest is worthless unless you begin with a shower.  Clean clothes on a smelly body just won’t work.

Unfortunately, most of your hunting gear can’t be washed.  Think of how many times you have worn your boots, how often you have touched your hat, your arrows, binoculars, sunglasses, grunt tube, etc.  If you handle a piece of gear,  you deposit your human scent with every touch.

Ozonics at Work

Unlike most scent control products, Ozonics is backed by undeniable science. As it electronically changes ordinary oxygen into ozone, it chemically alters your human odors to leave you undetectable. Given the right concentration of ozone and the right amount of time, your scent will always be destroyed. Ozonics uses scientifically proven technology to deliver the right oxidant concentration to bond to your scent molecules and reduce, alter, and eliminate your odor. It’s the science of purification brought to your hunt.

Beauty of the ScentCrusher

This unique device consists of a camouflaged duffel bag with an exterior pouch for the ozone generator.  Put your clothes in the bag along with your boots, binoculars, release aide, and a host of other hunting gear.  Zip up the bag, insert the plastic tube that transports ozone into the bag through a small port, and turn on the generator with a push of a button.  You can set the generator to run for 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes.

The generator runs on house air conditioning as well as an adapter for your car or truck. This is amazingly convenient such that you can put your clothes and gear in the bag, plug the adapter into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle and clean your clothes before or after the hunt.  Yesterday, I had a ton of errands to do around town and ran the generator on each trip.

ScentCrusher Travel Closet

The scent closet is ideal for garages and basements.

Obviously, the simplicity and ease-of-use has caught on in the hunting community, spawning the introduction of the ScentCrusher Travel Closet, an easy and
effective way for hunters to eliminate odors on clothing and equipment.

This unit is much larger than the ScentCrusher duffel, with the dimensions 68″x 22.5″x 20.” This cabinet can be used to store and unscent a host of gear and is ideal for basements, garages, and hunting camps.  The digital generator emits a chemical-free ozone that starts destroying odors within 30 minutes. The closet is easy
to assemble and tough enough to use outdoors. It includes a 2-year warranty and 5-year generator warranty. Check out these new technologies at