There aren’t many places that I would rather be than tree stand hunting during the months of October and November. But this is not going to be another one of those articles that tries to convince you to abandon your still hunting ways and climb a tree. This is just about being comfortable if you choose to hunt from a tree.

Being comfortable on a stand makes it easier to remain immobile and undetected by deer, and puts you in the woods much longer for an opportunity to find your target buck. This past August I discovered a tree stand company called Heavens Trail that produces one of the coolest tree stands I have ever had the opportunity to use. Heavens Trail combines continuous tree stand innovation with cutting edge design and state of the art manufacturing process. Heavens Trail goes above and beyond standard tree stand needs, with each product meticulously crafted with the finest materials available to be delivered to your doorstep. Heavens Trail set the bar with me with a simple connection that is hard to find by bringing its own personal touch to the delivery process and support center.

Heavens Trail is one of the coolest tree stands I had the opportunity to use.

The Arrival

There are a couple of things we love about this tree stand arrival that was unmatched in the industry. Not only is the delivery of the tree stand clever and concise, but the entire concept also reflects a relatable benefit of using Heavens Trail. The Heavens Trail tree stand came delivered right to my front door shrink-wrapped in a nice neat little package for such an innovative and spacious stand that this was unexpected. Upon arrival, I immediately was shocked at how lightweight the system is from the hang-around stand itself to the climbing sticks and hardware. This stand is built to last a lifetime and delivered to make the customer as happy as possible with service and experience that goes to the next level. In this age of automation and innovation, caring for customers and giving them the best available tree stand you can produce has never been more important.

The Heavens Trail tree stand came delivered right to my front door shrink-wrapped in a nice neat little package

The Hang Around Sticks

Having the best climbing sticks basically all comes down to how it can bring you high enough and safe enough so that you can stare down on a buck with ease. There are many different climbing sticks with different height levels and installation variations. Heavens Trail climbing sticks are rock solid when attached to the tree of your choice and easy to install. When I mean rock solid, I mean they do not budge; it’s like pouring concrete on the tree. Hanging the sticks with the tether system makes it a one-time trip up the tree for easy and safe installation.

When I mean rock solid, I mean the climbing sticks do not budge; it’s like pouring concrete on the tree.

The Winch

As I’m getting older, I’m reducing my use of small hang-on stands in favor of box blinds and comfortable hang-ons and ladders. Most taller ladder stands instructions want to see at least 2 and often 3 folks to erect the stand for safety. Just based on schedules and free time, that is often problematic for me and many hunters who I know. Fortunately I hunt on property on a farm we own with others, so I have access to equipment and help if needed. I always wondered to myself if there was a way I could erect a ladder stand safely by myself or with just one other person, and put my mind to it. Heavens Trail has made this achievable with the simplest tools such as a cordless drill to hoist up your stand with the winch and tether systems the company has created!

Heavens Trail made it easy to install the tree stand.

All Day Comfort

Whitetail hunters spend countless hours, sometimes an entire day or days at a time, in their tree stands, waiting for that one golden opportunity for a shot at their target buck. And when that moment arrives, you certainly don’t want it to be botched because your stand wasn’t keeping you comfortable or you weren’t set up correctly in it to make that important shot. However, that is exactly what happens to many hunters every year. Heavens Trail has taken comfort to a whole new level. While sitting in the stand, it was hard not to marvel at the construction and thought that goes into this line of tree stands and of course the spacious comfort to complement them. This is the absolute perfect tree stand for hunting the rut with all-day comfort or that one special spot at which you can spend all day. Don’t let comfort or space be your excuse for not tagging your target buck. Heavens Trail is everything you really need from the right tree stand to right stand hanging tricks to make sure you and your stand are comfortable and ready to make the shot. You can’t kill them if you’re not in the woods.