A charging boar was dispatched by a hunter’s sidearm before it could inflict any damage. Hunting any big game can be a dangerous proposition. Especially when that game decides to charge. In this video, a group of three hunters are walking along a brushy hillside.

The group suddenly turns around, with one hunter drawing his sidearm, as a charging boar erupts out of the brush.

The hunter in front slips while moving to avoid the charging boar. He begins to slide down the hill as the second hunter fires off five rounds from his pistol into the boar. The boar and first hunter both tumble down the incline.

It was definitely that first hunter’s lucky day. First, he avoided being gored by a charging boar. Then he avoided getting shot by the second hunter while also avoiding being hit by the boar as he fell down the hill. The adrenaline had to be flowing in that situation, but the hunter with the pistol was most certainly in danger of hitting his hunting partner with a stray round.