Antler addicts are everywhere. Some just have the addiction worse than others. But I don’t suppose being addicted to finding and collecting antlers is a problem, unless…

Unless you are James Phillips from Montana.

With more than 15,000 antlers, and a building to hold all the antlers from whitetails, elk, mule deer, and moose, some might think he has a problem. The only thing I see wrong with it is that I don’t have a fraction of the antlers that he has!

I’m sure more time than we can imagine went into collecting all of these antlers. But I could think of worse ways to spend my time.

Field & Stream has more information.

Between Bozeman and Butte in the Big Sky country of Montana, in a little town named for the nearby Three Forks that braid up the headwaters of Missouri River, lives a man with a magnificent obsession. His name is James Phillips, but most everybody in these parts knows him as Antler Man… [continued]

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