Big Bulls: Summer Trail Cam Check

Trail cameras have never been a part of my hunt before, but they are now and I won’t go back. Hawke sent me a couple that we set up a little over a week ago. We went back to check on the game camera eight days after it was set up. We had deer and elk on the camera all eight days. Not all were just pictured on the camera, multiple cow elk actually rubbed and licked the camera as well. Too cool for our first try.

We have hunted the same area for my entire hunting career and spend a lot of pre-season days in there too. My Dad has been hunting this exact spot since childhood. That led us to believe we had a pretty decent idea of the herds and bulls in the area. Upon review of the 400 images, we got a lot of footage of new bunches and bulls we hadn’t seen before. Once season rolls around, it is key to know what is in your area and how they are moving if you want to hunt a specific animal.

If you are thinking about trail cameras, they are a definite must. Not only are they a good addition to your pre-season, but they are pretty cool as well. You have so much more insight into your hunting turf.


A few specifics about Hawke’s cameras. They have three different models ranging from $159 – $299. The higher dollar model is 14MP. We are using the 12MP at $199. The night images were great, as were the day ones. We are trying the video mode next, but the trigger is working extremely well and we are pleased with the content. Be sure all foliage is cleared from in front of the camera as the sensors will pickup leaves blowing in the wind.

Be sure to leave your trail cam photos in the comments.