Mule deer are named for their ears, yet prized for their huge antlers.  This video captures a variety of mule deer as they progress from spring through late summer.  Be prepared to oogle at huge velvet-covered antlers that may sneak through your dreams at night. Unlike whitetail deer the thrive in thick cover, mule deer depend on their eyesight and remote location to avoid predators.

Mountains and Plains

As you will see, most of these images come from the Great Plains instead of the Rocky Mountains.  Although the alpine tundra of the mountain West holds many great bucks in summer, they also can be found in flat lands like Kansas, Eastern Colorado, and the Dakotas.  if you are scouting for a mule deer hunting spot, don’t count on seeing those groups of bachelor bucks.  They are typically far from does and fawns and are rarely seen until mating season rolls around.

Early Archery Seasons

If the sight of these big bucks is more than you can handle, check out archery seasons in your territory.  Several states open their bow seasons when mule deer have their significant antlers in velvet, a condition that makes them look twice as large as normal.  The internet is a great place to start your homework.  For now, click the video and enjoy these magnificent animals.