Firing a handgun accurately is one of the most difficult of shooting skills, but TruGlo has greatly simplified the process with a combination of Tritium and fiber optic sights.  The close proximity of the rear and front sight of a handgun increase the need for clear, precise aiming and TruGlo has mastered the day with sunlight and the night with Tritium, a glow-in-the-dark material that doesn’t require batteries and is always “on.” This exciting new line of handgun sights can be career making and live saving.  Here’s a  quick look:

Self Defense

Handgun shooting should be about competition and recreational use, yet the dangerous world we live in may force us to use a handgun for self defense.  People who are attacked or threatened with deadly force rarely act rationally as adrenaline consumes their actions. Men and women who are normally good shots can go to pieces in the drama of the moment.  Many such occurrences occur at night or in dark rooms where traditional handgun sights are useless.  TruGlo’s new TFX Pro Tritium/Fiber optic sight literally shines in this situation providing the accurate aiming platform of the U-Notch design that’s as easy as putting one dot between two.

Law enforcement and handgun shooting instructors speak to the trauma of being faced with a life and death situation, and the more familiar you are with your handgun and the better you can use it instinctively, the more likely you are to prevail in an armed conflict.

Recreational Shooting

I apologize for beginning this post “on the dark side” yet, unfortunately, the need is a fact of life in today’s violent world.  Handguns are fun to shoot and even more fun if you are hitting the target.  Although most of these recreational events will be in broad daylight, the sun sets, clouds roll in, or when ambient light diminishes, you have a built-in backup in your sighting system.  Also, if your vision isn’t crystal clear, the more and brighter the sight picture, the more successful you will become.

Competition Shooting

Shooters at this levels know their handguns intimately, including the sighting system.  Competitors must engage their sighting system immediately, repeatedly, and consistently, all element made easier with the TFX Pro system.  In addition to an accurate sighting system, the rear sight of the TFX Pro is slanted to that it can be used to work the slide of your handgun.  Hook the sight on your belt or other stable object and work the slide with one hand.

Total Tritium

Tritium is a radio active isotope of hydrogen, the same illumination material found in many watches and instruments.  As a sighting material it glows consistently without the need for a battery or ambient light.  It probably would have been the choice of ninja fighters if they had the choice.  The Tritium version of the TFX Pro system uses the same U-Notch sighting configuration.  During daylight, the three dots appear as white while at night bright tritium dots glow as green.