TruGlo is a household name in fiber optic sighting and the company has unleashed its extensive hunting-market innovation on the broadhead market  Titanium, the element with the highest strength-to-density of any metal, offers the optimal balance between strength and weight reduction.  Named for the Titans of Greek mythology, it’s the perfect metal to meld performance and dependability.  TruGlo’s new Titanium line offers this military grade metal on the ferrule and stainless steel blades for extreme sharpness. Here’s a look at the new TruGlo line:

Titanium X Cut-on-Contact

This fixed-blade broadhead come in three or four-blade options with the strength of a CNC-machined titanium and one-piece ferrule for strength and consistency.  With a cutting diameter of 1 3/16 inches, the combination of razor sharp blades and large cutting surface create copious blood trails for quick kills and easy recovery.  The sharpened point opens skin on game animals instantly and creates greater penetration.  Finally, this exciting new head comes with replaceable blades which allows you to practice with the head and then install a razor sharp new set assuring a dead-on impact for optimum impact. Both three and four-blade models weigh 100 grains.

Titanium X 2-Blade

If you are a 2-blade broadhead fan, this innovation from TruGlo is bound to excite you. The core of the new head is made from Titanium, CNC-machined into a one-piece foundation that unleashes two stainless steel blades that cut a giant 2 3/16th gash for optimal legality.  In flight, the head is seemingly a target point with a profile of just 7/8th of an inch, assuring it will fly just like your target points.  Drama happens when the mechanical strikes game and unleashes the massive cutting action.

Titanium X 4-Blade Expandible

The strength of the one-piece Titanium ferrule extends to the TRU-CUT  tip which can break bone and push through ribs on impact.  The four blade option opens a wound channel in two directions thanks to the razor sharp stainless steel blades that expand to 1 3/4 inches while the second set opens to nearly an inch.  This incredibly tough head offers the best of both worlds and will produce massive tissue damage, copious blood loss, and easy-to-follow blood trails.  This head is also a terrific option for black bears and wild turkeys, two animals that can be difficult to trail without significant tissue damage and hemorrhage.  Both Titanium X broadheads weight 100 grains.

Titanium Crossbow

TruGlo offers their most aggressive broadheads, the 4-Blade and the  4-Blade Expandable, exclusively for crossbow bolts.   Given the high speed and energy levels delivered by today’s modern horizontal bows, each of these options creates a versatile opportunity for hunters.  Each is made from the same Titanium one-piece ferule that will deliver devastating tissue damage to game animals.  Offered in 100 grains, you can choose from cut-on-contact or expandable technology.

Spin Testing

Finally, spinning a broadhead mounted to an arrow may seem like a low-tech means of analysing performance, yet it is one of the most useful and universally used by savvy bowhunters.  if you follow professional 3-D tournament archers you will see them repeatedly spinning their arrows to test for straightness.  Given the strength of Titanium, you can be assured that each broadhead will spin like a top and fly consistently every time.  Check out these exciting new produts at sporting goods stores nationwide or visit