Venison meatballs are a favorite in my home. They have so many uses, and the kids and grandkids love them.

Jamie Carlson has a great story in Outdoor Life that describes how to make these simple delights.

What a time saver to be able to make these meatballs on a not-so-hectic day, storing them away for a day when you’re short on time, or simply in the mood for meatballs. It’s nice knowing they are in the freezer when you need them.

From this one recipe for meatballs, we have made an Italian meatball soup, meatball subs with marinara sauce, spaghetti with meatballs, meatballs in cream sauce, and then these Spanish meatballs with peaches that is so simple to make but absolutely delicious. All of these were made with the same meatballs mix—and none of the final dishes took more than 30 minutes to make… [continued]

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Photo: The Live-In Kitchen