Poaching is a despicable crime. Like stealing from the Social Security System, poachers rob wildlife enjoyment from all of us. With violent crime on the mind of most policemen, this is one area of law enforcement that each citizen can become involved in. If you see something suspicious in the outdoors, say something.

Thankfully, the folks in Idaho are having none of this poaching business. They’ve taken action to see that the person, or persons, responsible for this illegal act are punished. Here are the latest details, as reported by the Twin Falls Times-News.

54d3abee81332.preview-620[1]Last week’s poaching of a trophy-class mule deer buck right in town created a storm of outrage and inspired $2,800 in rewards offered for information. “This deer was basically a local celebrity,” said Forrest Andersen, manager of Washington Street Pawn. “Everybody had pictures of it. It was basically as tame as a dog.”

Andersen on Wednesday described a buck with heavy, wide, tall antlers that spent its life in Rock Creek Canyon, between the Amalgamated Sugar factory and the Snake River Canyon… [continued]

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