If you are not seriously practicing for the upcoming bow season, better get started.  If you have not practiced for a while, it’s important to build memory muscle and strengthen your shooting core muscles.  It’s best to begin slowly shooting a dozen arrows a day over a couple of weeks which allows your muscles to tone and your form to become consistent.

Don’t Over Practice

When I first began hunting out-of-state, I’d practice intensely right up to the evening before departure and then worry if several days passed before launching an arrow.  Over the years, i’ve learned to take a more relaxed approach and relish a few days from shooting to allow my muscles strengthen and my mental game to sharpen.

One Shot Routine

Consistent practice pays off.

Once you are shooting well, it’s time to work on the moment-of-truth.  Rick Wilson taught me a trick that has worked very well over the years as long as I mentally force myself to follow it.  Before work, Rick would shoot one arrow at his 3-D target.  JUST ONE.  The single shaft is important because it replicates a kill situation.  You won’t get a second shot.  If you miss, you must deal with that disappointment throughout the day, just as you would from a genuine miss. Next morning, take one shot again until you can build a string of successes.  This will build tremendous confidence in your mental game and when opportunity knocks, you will be ready.

Bob Robb is one of the most experienced archers afield today and he lays out his 10-step plan for success.  Here’s number one to get started:


Not early in the morning — though that’s when I shoot: five mornings a week, at dawn, before work. But, if you have not started getting ready for the upcoming archery seasons, that means start practicing now. If the last time you drew your bow was during last deer season, your bow-shooting muscles will need toning up. It takes several weeks. You may only be able to shoot a handful of arrows before your muscles get tired during those first few sessions, but that’s OK. When you get tired, stop, and come back tomorrow.

Top 10 Ways To Perfect Bow Shooting