Harvested: Food From Field to Plate

Who handles your food?  How many times does it touch a machine or go through some type of processing?  For most Americans, the answers are a mystery unless you hunt, fish, or gather.  Only by taking the harvest into your own hands, literally, can you be sure of the quality and contents of your nutritional intake.

This video is driven by a person who loved red meat, but couldn’t eat it.  As a result, he looked to the wilds and hunts for venison as a protein source.  The harvest is a miniscule portion of the story, with the real message what comes after a trigger is pulled.  You will see the names of important products in this harvest, yet it’s not a traditional commercial message.

Ribs are Delicious

I have an elk camp planned in Colorado this October and one of my goals is to have a “rib-fest” if lady luck heads a bull my way.  Often rib meat becomes ground venison, but I plan to grill the daylights out of this tasty cut with plenty of barbecue sauce in camp.

FROM FIELD TO PLATE WITH WILD GAME CHEF JEREMIAH DOUGHTY will stimulate your imagination.  This is one you will want to share:  https://silencerco.com/blog/2017/07/05/harvested-field-plate/?utm_source=MASTER&utm_campaign=2a5ebe1987-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_07_03&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_19a6bef23c-2a5ebe1987-315451545&mc_cid=2a5ebe1987&mc_eid=d6f74abdae