Now is a great time to hunt coyotes. Their fur is in prime condition and food is becoming more scarce, making them more vulnerable to a call. Also, it’s a great way to break the winter doldrums and maybe hear a turkey gobble.

The gentleman above took five songdogs in one day. He gives up some of his secrets in this post from Predator Xtreme.

Coyote fur is in prime condition at this time of the year.
Coyote fur is in prime condition at this time of the year.

It was a cold calm morning in Kansas. My gear was all ready and I was walking into my first stand of the morning on public ground. I got set up and blew one series of cottontail distress on a mouth call and a coyote showed up in front of me out in the grass. One shot later and my first coyote was down! I did some coyote pup distress to see if any more would show, but not here.

I traveled to my next stand at a public walk-in area and made my second stand of the day. I made the same initial series of cottontail distress and just a couple of minutes later coyote number two showed up. With careful aim, I watched the coyote drop just after I pulled the trigger on my .204… [continued]

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