You never know what you will see while driving in big game country, especially on a back road during the hunting season.  This Facebook post is most unusual because it contains an image of a moose and an elk in the same spot and the pickup gets so close the big 6×6 bull practically becomes a hood ornament.

Scouting by Vehicle

I had a similar experience on my first elk hunt in Idaho.  Casey Byers and I had just entered the main highway when we saw a truck stopped in front of us.  Slowing down, we could see a huge 6×6 bull standing in the middle of the road.  It moved to the side out of view only to reappear following a cow.  After crossing it returned again, quite a show in the lights just 30 yards away.  No doubt, the bull was with an estrous cow which makes them do crazy things.  We hunted that spot the next day, but the duo had moved on.

Enjoy this amazing video and hope you get to see such an animal in daylight during the season.