Antler velvet is one of the most amazing tissues in nature.  As antlers grow, conceals a highway of blood vessels that fuel antler growth at an astonishing rate.  In late summer the pedicle, shuts off the blood supply to the soft tissue which dries and becomes bone.

The process of velvet removal is seldom seen.  Often it dries and hangs in tattered strings until it completely dries and falls off.  In this fascinating Facebook video you will see a huge whitetail buck taking removal into his own “hands.”  Obviously, the dead skin hanging from antlers is annoying and boy… is it?

Check out this post from Outdoor Hub:

Velvet will shed naturally from a buck’s antlers, but that doesn’t mean a deer doesn’t help the process along occasionally.

Need proof? Watch the brutal and bloody process this buck goes through to help remove all the velvet from his antlers. This guy is really letting out some pent-up aggression, and I’d say those two saplings are taking quite the beating.

It's starting

Posted by Joe Barrese on Thursday, August 31, 2017