Turkey hunting in the Great Plains is often an early morning, late afternoon event leaving ample time at midday for having fun.  Shooting opportunities at prairie gobblers often occur at close range where patterns are tight and misses can easily occur.  As a tune-up of our shooting eyes, the host broke out a small clay target trap and the inevitable competition arose.

Guys vs. Gals

Our turkey hunting group included three women and it didn’t take long for a gender rivalry to emerge.  Harkening back to our elementary school dodge-ball days, someone promptly suggested  a shooting match- boys vs. girls.  The camp had been using Aguila’s hard hitting High Velocity shot shells in #6 with a velocity over 1300 fps. for turkeys, providing a dense pattern and high velocity pellet energy.

Great Clay Shot

Aguila High Velocity clayloads fly in excess of 1300 fps.

The camp had a full case of Aguila High Velocity clay target loads that pushed one ounce of #8 shot more than 1300 feet per second.  The extra speed of these high performance loads can make the difference in the split-second world of competitive clays.  The competition began as successive clay breaks, followed by multiple launches, and ended with multiple, multiple launches.  I won’t spoil the outcome of this YouTube video, but suffice to say that everyone had tons of fun and sharpened their aim.  Look out afternoon gobblers:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdZQfMQtKhY