There’s no such thing as too much room in a tent and the 10’x10’ Outback Lodge offers plenty.  With 100 square feet, it’s rated to sleep six and if your party is larger, or you need more room, the Outback Lodge is available in an 8-person configuration with nearly 50 percent more space.

Hunting with friends magnifies the experience for everyone.

Whether you hunt regularly from a tent or are considering one for the first time, the Outback Lodge has many of the amenities a hunting or fishing party needs.  First, it sets up quickly without the need for a rain fly, since the tent fabric has a 1,500-mm waterproof coating to keep you dry.  Generally, securing the four corners and popping up the 8-foot, 6-inch center pole takes about five minutes, and is easily replicated if you’ve deployed the tent previously.  Securing the numerous side panels and you have one very secure shelter that’s highly spacious and breathable.

Air “Conditioning”

Fine mesh allows airflow in and keeps insects out.

Tent ventilation helps prevent condensation and manage the greenhouse effect.  The Outback Lodge offers fine mesh doors and windows that will keep annoying mosquitoes outside while allowing fresh air to circulate.  In rainy weather, uniquely designed vents allow air to flow while keeping moisture outside.

If you camp infrequently, the features and set-up procedure are sewn into the sturdy carrying case.  If you need to delegate a quick set-up or take-down, it’s great to know that the procedure is printed and always with you.


Sewn-In Floor

The Outback Lodge comes in three sizes to fit 4, 6 or 8 people.

Ground moisture is often a problem when camping and this tent comes with a sturdy 210-denier polyester-oxford floor that resists puncture and keeps bugs and other pests in the great outdoor where they belong.  The incredible height of the Outback Lodge makes standing, dressing, and organizing gear much easier than in small tents.  Although its rated for six people, four persons can sleep on cots or pads with plenty of room for recreational gear and pets.

Additionally, the Outback Lodge comes with a vestibule that is ideal for storing muddy boots, waders, coolers, or hunting gear to keep them out of the weather, yet handy as needed.


A Hunting Advantage-

Access is a critical part of most hunting trips.  You’ll rarely find big game next to highways, lodges, or other places with easy access.  By packing a mile or two into your public land, you’ll find very few hunters.  Additionally, those who hunt near the easy access become “drivers” by pushing game into more remote areas, exactly where you live.  Additionally, most game animals are active early and late, a problem for hunters who must travel by flashlight to reach a stand or mountain saddle.  You can be there well ahead of incoming sportsmen and stay until the last minute of legal shooting light.

The Outback Lodge makes a perfect camp “cabin” for remote hunts.

Back-country hunting provides great personal enjoyment.  Many guided hunt involve hours of truck travel to and from hunting areas.  That’s convenient, yet it’s miles from the relaxing and exhilarating feeling of a remote camp.  Building a campfire, cooking simple-yet-hearty meals, and living like explorers of old, creates special feelings and unique experiences.

This isn’t a personal backpacking camp, yet it can easily be packed by a group of four or six persons sharing a hunt.  Thanks to the waterproof nature of the material and the ease of set-up, you can hike in the eve of opening day and wake up in the heat of action.  Should a sudden snow, rain, or windstorm make public access difficult, you have the entire hunting area to yourself.