If you had a pair of coyotes in your favorite deer or turkey hunting grounds, you have six to nine hungry predators today. Serious fur hunters will want to wait until late fall for the best pelts, yet if you want predator control, there’s no time like the present. With luck you’ll get a pack reaction and a chance at multiple targets. Also, young song dogs aren’t as wary as their parents and may be easier to fool. This video from Wired Outdoors shows how easy summer predator hunting can be especially if you use today’s remote callers with an action decoy at the call site. You can hide 30 yards away and operate the remote adjusting for calls and action of the decoy. As you will see, Jon Collins has great success with a coyote pup distress call, one of many offered in the Western Rivers Nite Stalker Pro kit.101_0079

If you’ve never called coyotes, Collins shows how easy it can be; check out the video below.