If you are a regular visitor to The Hunting Page (And we thank you for your loyalty) you will find frequent references to the Realtree website.  Josh Honeycutt and the gang do a great job covering deer hunting tips, turkey tactics, waterfowl, and other hunting excitement.  Bill Jordan, founder of the Realtree brand, is sill a driving force in hunting and the outdoor experience.  Luckily, you can now enter a contest (At no cost) for a chance to hunt with Bill, David Blanton and other Realtree celebrities.

My Big Chance

In 2001, I received an invitation to hunt with Bill Jordan on the Milk River property he leased in Northeastern Montana.  At the time, I was Hunting Editor for Heartland USA and knew that the trip would make a great story and the hunt also became a part of the Realtree Monster Bucks video series.  My cameraman was some new kid named Michael Waddell ( you may have heard of him) who was working his way into the hunting video industry.

Best Stand Ever

Our first night out, Waddell and I climbed into a sturdy tree stand overlooking an alfalfa field where deer often fed.  The stand rose above a well used trail and I told Michael if a deer came along, I’d let it get slightly past our position, grunt to stop it, and shoot.  The entire video process was very new to me, but I thought it best to have a plan.

Suddenly, we heard water splashing as a deer ran across the Milk River, climbed its bank, and followed the trail under our stand.  As the buck passed our location, I mouth grunted, it stopped, and I shot right over it’s back.  How could a plan work perfectly and still miss???

Second Chance

After eating a huge slice of humble pie, I was lucky enough to have an even bigger buck come by.  Fortunately, my form was better this time and the buck went down in 100 yards.

Hunting with Bill Jordan and his team will be an experience you will not forget and well worth the time to enter.  Follow this link and you could win the hunt of a lifetime: