Each year the shooting industry rolls out their latest and greatest products in Las Vegas at the Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT), and this year was no exception.  From archery to tactical to hunting, new products were everywhere.  Here are a handful of standouts:

The Traditions Crackshot XBR fires an arrow at more than 350 fps.

Traditions Crackshot XBR. Is it a crossbow?  Muzzleloader?  Maybe both?  One of the most unique “guns” at the show was the Crackshot XBR that come as a single-shot .22 rifle with an interchangeable barrel that launches an arrow.  The hollow aluminum arrow fits over an inner tube in the barrel and is charged with an XBR Powerload.  The rifle comes standard with a 4x scope and is very easy to shoot at speeds up to 385 fps.  Additionally, the arrows fly very consistently because the power stroke is applied to the front of the arrow, not the rear as with compounds and crossbows.  For more information, go to www.traditionsfirearms.com

Aguila 5 mm ammo. Oh no! Oh yes!  With 5mm ammo selling for up to $100 per box, these precious rounds are traded like bitcoin.  If you’ve been hoarding, better unload because Aguila is loading the unique cartridge and sales are expected to be brisk.  Remington was ahead of its time with the 5mm introduction in the 1960s and it didn’t sell well.  Today, with an emphasis on smaller bullets, look for a 5mm comeback. www.aguilaammo.com

Assassin Crossbow Series. One of the sweet things about a recurve bow is the ability for it to be disassembled into three linear parts and tucked under your arm for easy transport.  When it was time to shoot or hunt, you quickly reassembled the bow, slipped on the string and you were ready to go.

Excalibur’s newest bows disassemble in a snap for ease of transport without affecting accuracy.

Excalibur has the same technique with its new Assassin crossbow.  The foot stirrup leverages a locking system that allows the riser and limbs to remove from the stock, providing a linear package that easily fits into a carrying case or duffel bag.  Now you can store your crossbow about any place you store a firearm, in a gun safe, behind the seat of your truck, or in a closet.  The process takes just seconds to complete and the bow will be right on zero.

Additionally, the new Assassin comes with a silent cocking system and an adjustable length of pull and comb height, as well as Pro-Shot two-stage trigger.  Check it out on www.ExcaliburCrossbow.com.

Carry all of your ballistic data on your smartphone.

Ballistics Made Simple. Long-range shooting is the fastest growing segment of the shooting industry and may affect you in more ways than you think.  “I consider long-range shooting to be any distance beyond the point of zero,” one industry professional told me.  If you are sighted-in for 100 yards and want to shoot 200, you must make aiming adjustments that I consider “long range.”

Whether you want to shoot your favorite caliber at 100 or 1,000 yards, you owe it to yourself and your game to know exactly how that bullet will fly.  Since ballistics can be complicated, but the Ballistic app makes the process simple with “standard” option for folks shooting out to 400 yards and “advanced” for those who want to shoot much farther.  Amazingly, this warehouse of information costs just $15 on the App Store and it contains data about every cartridge configuration.  Guns & Ammo gave it the “Best Ballistics Application” award, an indication of the app’s utility and ease-of-use.  Check it out on www.ballisticApp.com.