A Bass Pro and Cabela’s merger???  heaven meets heaven.  I’ve been in large shopping malls where “shopping spree” prizes are advertised.  I’ve often shaken my head wondering what I’d buy if I could have anything I wanted from dozens of commercial stores.  Despite the glitz and glamor, ice cream is about the only thing I’d want.

Outdoor Shopping

On the other hand, I can’t walk into a Bass Pro Shop or Cabela’s store without stopping at the very first item.  Everything interests me and I can spend hours browsing from isle to isle.  Last fall, I hunted deer in Rapid City South Dakota and we stopped at Cabela’s on the way to the airport planning to kill an hour or two before the flight… we nearly missed our planes.

Separate but Equal

The business world can be complicated and only time will tell if the new management will attempt to merge the brands and stores or keep them separate.  Personally, I hope that they don’t try to “fix what ain’t broke.”  As its name implies, Bass Pro Shops lean more toward fishing, yet have extensive hunting inventories and services.  It’s a great place to have a bow set up, a scope installed, or to buy a firearm.

A visit to Cabela’s is inspiring and informative.  Last fall I stopped at the Boise Idaho store to check out the new crossbows and they had an indoor range where I could try out the bow before purchase.  They offered an extensive inventory and the service to back it up.

Fox News reports:

The merger of Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s (CAB) has received the go-ahead from antitrust regulators.  In a filing with the SEC, Cabela’s said Wednesday the Federal Trade Commission informed the company earlier this week that it concluded its investigation of Bass Pro’s $4.2 billion buyout. Cabela’s shareholders will vote on the deal July 11.