Black bears don’t normally attack campers, yet that’s exactly what happened to a young man who teaches “survival skills” at a camp in Colorado.  The bear attacked the sleeping man who was dragged until he woke up.  Talk about a wake-up call.

Colorado Bear Seasons

Black bear numbers in Colorado have exploded in recent years.  Closing the spring season is one reason many attribute to the population growth.  Animal rights groups convinced authorities that spring seasons were inhumane and the bruins lost their only predator, except for the fall season.

Play Dead or Fight

“Playing dead” is one way to survive a grizzly or brown attack.  Since the animals don’t routinely eat humans, once you are “dead” it will lose interest and walk away.  Not so with black bears.  Should you be attacked by a blackie, fight for your life.  When black bears attack humans, except when they are protecting cubs, they usually plan to eat you.  If approached by a black bear, yell, wave your hands, look large, and do whatever to protect yourself.

Protecting Cubs

Our small hunt club, 1,000 acres, in Western Maryland has two resident bruin families making life more interesting.  Normally, hunters check stands, post cameras, and other pre-season deer activities, yet walking in the woods is not the same when bears are present.  Aside from the risk of a mother-and-cubs encounter, a large bore also has been frequently seen.  One picture shows the bear sitting on its bottom with its back against a tree and extending seven feet above the ground.  This is a really big bear, easily capable of killing a human.